Essential Points To Learn Before Selecting Zoysia Sod For Lawn

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Selecting the right type of sod is very essential for your lawn but there are several mistakes that can be made during the process. People don’t consider checking the quality and characteristics of the soil; never bother to look out for the amount of sunlight approaching the grass and which features of the sod will be the best for your lawn.

Maintenance Tips according to Seasons

All types of Zoysia and especially JaMur Zoysia sod in Atlanta must be maintained according to the seasons it goes through. Almost all species of Zoysia sod are warm climate grass so they must be installed before the cold weather comes. The most appropriate time for installation is the spring and summer season. But maintenance is done throughout the year.

The Spring Season

When the sod reaches the desired height; it is important to mow it once every week. The desired height of the sod is 1 to 1.5 inches. If there is a lot of rain during the season then careful irrigation of the sod is essential; otherwise, weekly watering is needed.

Weather in the Summer

Summer is the excellent season for the sod to grow because this sod is of the summer. Monitoring of the grass is necessary to look if the water is not given properly or it lacks in quantity. When the sod reaches the height of 2.5 inches then you can mow the grass and maintain that length.

Looking after in Fall

The speed of growth of the sod decreases during the fall season because the drop in temperature affects it. Fertilizer containing nitrogen is not recommended at this time of the year but sulfur and lime can be used.

Winter Care of Zoysia Sod

A disadvantage of this sod is that it is inactive in the winter. This makes the color of the grass change form lush green to brown. Mowing the lawn is essential and make sure that the clippings are not left on the ground.

Know these points before Selecting Zoysia Sod

There are several points to consider before you make a final decision of selecting the Zoysia sod for your front and back lawn. Each and every characteristic of the sod must be looked at and matched with the usage in the lawn.

JaMur Zoysia sod in Atlanta resists Drought

Of all the kinds of Zoysia grass, this type is the one which has the most tolerant resistance for drought. Places, where there is very less rainfall or the owners, can’t water on a regular basis; then this sod is the one for your lawn.

Combats Weeds and Diseases

Growth of weed is a great problem for the ordinary grass but the sod is manufactured in such a way that it has full resistance to weeds, diseases, insects and pests. But one thing must be noted that during the dormant years you have to look out for signs of these troubles and do remedies to keep them away from your sod.

Coping with Shade

Different kinds of Zoysia sod have varied tolerance of shade. Some have good immunity to the shade others have a fair one. Carefully select the grass and you can categorize them into divisions of medium to a high tolerance. You can ask experts about the right choice of sod in the shade. But if you want to decide for yourself then be extra careful.

Has Several Varieties

There are many varieties of Zoysia sod to choose from that are of different texture, color, the shape of blade and growth speed and maintenance. Look at these different characteristics closely and only then decide for the sod you want to have in your lawn.

Look out for Pets and Foot Traffic

Of all the types of Zoysia, the JaMur Zoysia sod in Atlanta is the perfect one for your lawn if your house has children or pets. But the house which has less to no foot traffic then other kinds can also be considered.

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